Chapter 3

The streets were quiet and I was sitting on a bench in a park near Aya's apartment. I sighed and let my head fall into my hands. Actually I didn't want to run away from her. I would have stayed. Being near to her, but I just couldn't bear it anymore. It's killing me. Eating me slowly up that I just can't tell her how I feel. She won't ever feel the same way about me.

“Get your act together Miki...” I mumbled and stood up, walking out of the park and heading to my apartment.

Strolling down the streets I actually remembered what I had forgotten to tell her. My hand travelled down my pocket until it reached a piece of paper. I pulled it out. Because of the light drunken state I'm in and all those trouble thoughts I forgot that I had a surprise for her. I booked flights to my hometown for us both. Our plane would take of tomorrow... I'm not going to fly alone.
Would she still come with me on this short notice if I would ask her?
Maybe it would help me to clear my head? Figure out what I really want and what I should do.
All I can do is try.

When I reached my apartment I made myself ready for bed and sat on it for a while, staring at the wall. I fumbled with my phone, still debating how I should tell her. My fingers were typing on the display until I finished the message for her.

The recording is finished. I had to do some stupid scenes with Ai and Eri...
I'm glad that Yocchan was there! I just can't handle those kids...
At the moment I'm driving to my apartment. I'm tired.
I wanted to ask you something and I know that you have the day off tomorrow so I wanted to know if you would like to meet up in the morning?
We could go to our favorite café?

Sleep well Aya-chan~

Mikitan <3 p="">

After I pressed the send button I threw myself against the pillows.
My phone started to vibrate and I was surprised that I got a reply so fast. She said that she would love to meet me and that she will pick me up.
Relaxed I sighed and cuddled myself into my bed.


I knew it. I should have known it! This is so typically her! She called me up to tell me that we'll meet in front of the café because she is running late. Again. I swear, Aya has been never on time.
Letting out an angry huff I turned around and saw a little brunette walking towards me.
My heart began to beat faster. It was her. My anger was suddenly gone.
She was dressed in a nice blue dress that fitted her body perfectly. Why does she have to be so fantastic?

“Morning Miki!” she greeted me and gave me her perfect smile.
“Morning Aya~” I smiled back.
“I'm really sorry that I'm late but the traffic was just so awful!”

I told her that it was ok and we entered our little favorite spot. There weren't many people around.
The waitress came up and asked if she could get us anything. Her smile was dropping slowly and was replaced by a surprised look when she saw that she was actually speaking with two really famous girls.

We both smiled, “I would like to have a coffee please” I said and looked at Aya.
“Uhm... I will take an orange juice.”

The girl nervously wrote our orders onto her little notepad and walked into the kitchen.
Aya turned around, crossing her arms on the table.

“So? What did you want to ask?”

I fidget with my sleeve, “Well, we both got this weekend free and I wanted to visit my hometown, so I wanted to ask you if you want to come with me?”

“If I don't make too much trouble I would love to!” she smiled.

I couldn't control my smile, “Silly, you don't! My parents can't wait to see you again and it's nice to spend some time with you! You know, take a break from work and all that.”

Suddenly she looked a little bit absent. Oh no. Did I say something wrong? She's thinking. I can see that.

“Say... Today is Thursday, when does the flight go?” she asked and scratched her chin.

I looked away, not daring to look into her eyes, “Uhm well... you know... we would... the flight... it... well, it's at 6 p.m. today...”

“Oh well, thats enough time to pack everything.” she said smiling.

I quickly looked up and I must have looked like I've just seen a ghost because she was looking at me with a quite amused face. She titled her head to the side a bit, “What?”

Does she have to be so damn cute?! I shook my head, “N-Nothing! We better go because, we have to... we have to pack your things and stuff, you know?” I stuttered and grabbed her hand.

“But our drinks!” she squeaked surprised.


We first went to Aya's place and packed her things together. Around this time of the year you never know how surprising the weather can be so I told her to pack a few warm clothes as well.
After some time I let out a frustrated groan because she always needs hours to pack one bag.
All the time she kept asking, “Miki? Does this suit me? Is this too short? Can I combine this color with this one?”.
I stood up, placed my hand over hers and looked at her. She looked into my eyes confused and I felt the heat in my cheeks.

“You look fine and everything suits you, so let's go now or we will miss our flight!” I mumbled and placed the last shirt into her bag and zipped it up.


When we finally took our seats on the plane it didn't take long until I drifted into dreamland.
I was still exhausted by the events of the previous night but I couldn't feel any happier because Aya was sitting next to me. It didn't surprise me that I dreamed of her. She took hold of my hand and looked into my eyes.

“Miki.” I heard but she didn't move her lips at all.

“Mikitty.” now I was getting confused. I felt a squeeze on my hand.

“Tan, wake up. We are almost there”.

I groaned and opened my eyes and saw Aya sitting next to me, holding my hand.
“I'm sorry but I had to wake you up.” she said sweetly.
I smiled and shook my head telling her that it was fine. She blushed when she realized that she was still holding my hand. I pushed her head to the side and started to giggle.

When we arrived at my parents house we were greeted by my mother. I gave her a tight hug and reached out for Aya's hand, “Mother I brought Aya-chan with me”.
“Hello!” Aya smiled and gave her a little wave with her hand.
“Ah, Matsuura san … it's nice to see you again! Come in you two, you must be tired, right?”

We took our shoes off and left our bags in the corridor. Our house is a small house with two floors.
Upstairs was my childhood room and the bathroom.
When we stepped into the living room I spotted my father who was sitting there, reading the papers.
I slowly crept up to him and gave him a hug. He dropped his papers and turned around, “Oh Miki-chan!”
My father then looked behind me and saw Aya standing shyly at the door.
“Welcome” he said and gave her a smile. She smiled back and nodded.
It was cute. She always was very talkative with my mother but showed huge respect to my father.
My mother stepped into the living room and told us that it's going to take a while until she prepared the dinner. I nodded and took hold of Aya's hand again, “We are going for a little walk then.”
Before we went outside we brought our bags up to my room.

“Nothing changed.” I giggled.
“Your room looks exactly like my old room.” Aya laughed and looked around.


“Ahh ... fresh air.. how I missed that.” I sighed and stretched my arms.
“Yeah. But it's a bit cold though.”

We were strolling around and ended up walking into a little forest. I knew where we were going and I just remembered that I never took Aya with me to the place which is very dear to me. At this time around the year the sight will be very clear.

My heart started to beat faster as I reached out for her hand, “I think you will be surprised now...”
“I never showed you the place where we are heading to now.” I whispered.
“Oh. Eh?” she stuttered confused.
“Wait and see.”

We stepped out of the forest and I spun around in front of her, “Tadaa!”

She slowly looked from me to our surroundings and I could see that she was speechless. There was a little smile forming on her lips when she saw those wonderful flowers that were blooming around us. From the little hill we were standing on we had a perfect view.

“T-That's so beautiful!” she whispered, still amazed by what she saw.

“I know, right? Come on let's sit down for a while.”

We sat down and I made sure that there wasn't a huge space between us. There was a pleasant silence between us and after some time Aya looked into my direction.

“Beautiful...” she whispered.
“Yeah... the flowers are really nice.”
“Hm... and cute...”
I had to giggle. The flowers are cute?
“Hm? Well yeah, kinda cute? You really think so?” I asked and looked at her and suddenly realized that she was looking at me all the time. I tried to keep it cool when I asked myself if she thought those things about me. Quickly I looked away again.

“Of course you are cute...” she whispered and I barely understood it. But I heard. I heard what she said. And I sensed that she was panicking. She didn't want me to hear it. I know her too well so I played dumb.

“Did you say something?”, I asked.
She quickly shook her head. Too quick. She's such a bad liar.
“No, no!”
“Oh ok. I thought you said something.” I turned away and concentrated on the flowers again.

Again there was silence and I think we both were banned into our thoughts. Even if I play things cool, my mind is running wild. I just can't push away the feeling that something is wrong.
Does she realize what I feel for her? It can't be, can it? Does it make her feel uncomfortable?

“Aya is something wrong?”, I asked and placed my hand over hers.
“No, no everything’s alright! Say, when do we have to go back?”
My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I remembered that my mother was cooking a lovely meal at home and I was so caught up in this moment that I totally forgot the time.
“Damn! Dinner. We should better go now!”, I mumbled, taking Aya's hand and dragging her down the hill. But I was so clumsy that I somehow tripped over a stone and lost my balance taking her down with me.

It all happened so fast and we were so tangled up that we switched the positions really quickly but at the end Aya was on top of me. I began to giggle. Her face a bit green because of the grass.
She began to laugh and collapsed beside me. I instantly missed her warmth.

“That was fun, wasn't it?”, she laughed out.
I had to recall what just happened and couldn't stop laughing but as I tried to move my leg it hurt a little bit.
“It was, but somehow my leg hurts a bit.”
“Really? Let me see...” she replied worried and had a closer look, “It looks fine though. I will take you piggyback, ok?”

How could I say no, when she was sitting there next to me ever so cute pointing at her back.
I nodded and carefully hopped onto her back and wrapped my arms around her neck.

“Whoa! You're light!” she laughed.
“Yeah?” I rested my chin onto her shoulder.
“It was a long time ago since I took someone piggyback”
I kept quiet and pressed my cheek against hers. I could feel the heat increase and smiled to myself.

I want to stay like this forever.