Chapter 2

“Ohayou gozaimasu!” Aya and I greeted the Staff Members.
“Good Morning. Here your scripts.” A Staff Member gave us our script.

We walked into our dressing room.
“Oho white dresses.”
“Still very short, like the first dress. But beautiful.” Aya said smiling.
Quickly we got into them.
“Ok Aya. Let’s have a look into the script.” I said with excitement.

“Girls! We start now.” A staff member came in and took away the scripts.
“Eh but we didn’t read the script yet.” I said with a high voice, pointing at it. That’s mean!
“Sorry but we really have to start.” The staff member replied.
Aya rolled her eyes and stood up from the chair.
“Come on let’s go. We can handle it.”
I sighed and nodded and we walked into the studio.

There was a bed.
“Nice…” I whispered to myself with an evil grin on my face.
Aya wasn’t looking quite happy.

“Morning Girls. This is your set.” The director said.
“Only this?” I asked with a quite surprised voice.
No whirlpools? Or candles everywhere? Aya in a hot suit? Quit that thinking Miki!

“Yes, it’s easier that way. Ok take your places, act like a couple. You will see you won’t need the script.”
“We even haven’t got a chance to read it…” Aya muttered.

We sat down on the bed. The music started.
“We can handle it Aya, don’t worry.” I whispered.
Aya smiled and nodded.
I’m excited! Maybe it gets even better without reading the scripts first?!

Aya must have sensed that I liked this very much.
First we made the lying scenes.
I went with my thumb over her lips. Those soft lips I want to kiss so badly!

“CUT!” the director shouted.
“Uwaahh tickling~” Aya laughed and scratched her lips.

It was Aya’s turn now. She let her index finger slipping up my leg.
This was turning me on… but I needed to stay calm!
When she held my head closer so that I would look at her I saw directly into her eyes.
I wanted that the world would stop again. This look…it calms me down.

“Aaand CUT! Great!” the smile on the director’s face was growing

We both had to laugh.
“You really kept calm.” Aya said.
I nodded and smiled.
“But it tickled a bit.”

There were lot scenes of holding hands, looking at each other and other romantic things. They made my heart melt.
After a 10 minute break the director returned.

“Ok, I talked with the staff; we will now make the dance shoot version and then one last scene. The last scene is a bit difficult. But I believe you can handle it.”
“Hai~” we answered and we were wondering what this ‘last scene’ is going to be.

The dance shoot was really easy. Because there wasn’t much to dance to a calm song like Melodies.
After the dance shoot recording we went back to the bed set and sat down.

The director came to us with a serious face.
“Ok. This will be a little difficult but I think you two can handle the last scene. Aya, you have to kiss Miki.”

While Aya’s jaw dropped to the ground I was grinning badly. I can’t believe it!
There’s no way back Aya! I played along again made a sudden surprised face and took her hand.
“We can handle this too.”

“O-ok.” She replied.

“Ready?” the director asked.
We nodded.

The camera was starting to film. I was now nervous. Really nervous.
Aya placed her hand under my chin and made my head move towards her.
I closed my eyes.
‘I can do it… I can do it… I can…’
‘I can’t!’
“Hihihihi” I giggled.
“What?! Idiot!” Aya shouted at me.
“Sorry but…ahahaa…!”

The director sighed. “Ok…places! Take two! And start!”

We did everything again.
She was only a few inches away.
I could feel her coming nearer.
Her breath brushed against my lips.

‘This is it… This is it… We are going to kiss…’
“Oh oh oh ahhh!! Cramp!! Cramp in my foot!! It hurts!” I screamed in pain.


“Ouch TAN!!!” Aya shouted and hold held face.
“I didn’t want to kick you but this cramp…ahh….ouch ouch…” I whined.

“Fujimoto san? Are you ok now?” the director asked.
“H-hai. Gomen. This time it will work promise!”

Again her lips were only a few inches away from mine.
She was calm. I was calm.
Her lips touched mine. I couldn’t think anymore. My mind was in a blur.
We kissed us.

“Ok. Cut.”


“Girls? Cut.”



Aya suddenly pushed her head away in surprise I did the same.
Suddenly she took my hand and dragged me out of the studio.
Does she want more?
“Nice work! Everyone… Arigatou, arigatou.” She babbled around.
The staffs were irritated about her behavior.

I was sitting on a chair and touched my lips. We kissed us! I can’t believe that we kissed us!
Aya was looking at me.
She held me closer when our lips touched. We kissed quite a long time. Did she do it on purpose or was it just a reflex?
This all…

“Funny…” I whispered.

“Y-yeah” Aya stuttered and sat down next to me.
“Don’t say you didn’t enjoy it?! You must have right? Because you-“
“I know what I did MikI!! It was…ok?”
“I didn’t think about that you would hold the kiss longer than expected.”
Aya blushed. “It was a reflex…”

‘So it was…?’

“But it was funny.” I brushed off hiding my sadness.
Aya smiled a bit.
Come let’s change and have a drink with the staff.” Aya said patting on my shoulder.

Aya already had her 6th drink for tonight. I told her to take it easy but she ignored it.
Well I was a little bit drunk as well…
“Ok. We are all tired. We still have to film other PV’s tonight. You two did a really good job today.” The director said and the Staff was leaving one by another.

“Ayaya…we better go now too.”
“You think so? It’s only 10:00 p.m. now…” she whined.
“But you are really drunk. I thought I would be drunker than you. Because I am older than you.” I giggled.
“Geeeeeez!! Only one year. And you said on your radio show that you want to see me drunk, forgotten that?”

I thought about what she said.
“Ok! I bet I can drink more than you!” I suddenly suggested.
“Yeah?! Ok! Let’s go to my place and make a bet!”
“Ok!!” I replied.
We paid and got a taxi that drove us to her apartment.
Why her apartment? It’s nearer and it wouldn’t be good if someone see us drunk and stupid on the street later.

“Kanpai!” We both shouted and started to drink one drink after the other.

I was winning but I suddenly felt a pain in my stomach and felt sick.
To be safe I ran into her bathroom.
Should I or shouldn’t I? Keep it all n or let it out? This was hard. I let out a few sighs and took deep breaths.
When I came out again she asked me if I was fine.
I nodded and smiled, “Just had to use the toilet.”
“Puhh…I thought you had to…you know.”
“No!” I laughed.
“Ok we are both winner. We and our stupid games…” Aya said placing a hand on her forehead.
“But one point is clear. We have NO chance against Yuko.” I joked.
Aya nodded and laughed.

We thought it would be the best to sit on the sofa and watch TV.
I placed my head on her shoulder again.
“Ne…we had fun today.” I said.
I didn’t reply. Fun? Maybe for you…but I mean it serious.
“Eh? Oh yeah…”

Why was she suddenly staring at me?

“Do I have something in my face?” I asked, not looking up.
Aya shrugged.
“How? Did you??”
“I can see you in the screen of the Television.” I replied calm.
“May I?” I asked pointing at her lap.
I placed my head onto it. This all was pain for me. But I couldn’t tell her.

And if it couldn’t get any better our Futarigoto episode was aired on TV again. Face the truth Aya…

“Oh look. Our Futarigoto from last year.”
Aya’s eyes widened, staring on the screen.
I sensed that she was getting nervous. But why? She doesn’t even know what I’m feeling for her.
“N-nice. Let’s see what is on another channel yeah?” Aya stuttered.
“Why? Let’s watch it. It was a long time since I saw it.”
No way back Aya.

When something stupid happened I act a laugh.
The scene I was waiting for was coming after a break.

“Excuse me. Have to go to the toilet.”
I sighed and moved my head from her lap to let her stand up.

My eyes followed her as she moved to the bathroom.
There will be no chance for me. Get it into your thick head Miki…
I threw myself in front of the sofa and rested my head on my knees.

“Tan~ that’s uncomfortable.” Aya laughed.
What was up with her now? Her mood changed quite quickly.
She took my hand and pulled me up, sat down and patted onto her lap.
I smiled.
At least I can have her this way…That means a lot to me as well.
Then the part that hurts me so much in our Futarigoto Episode came.

“Nee…Aya-chan. What would I do if you get married?”
“I mean I would be very jealous…”
“Who are you anyway?”

“What are we going to be from now on?”
“Ne…you know we can’t except to get any closer, right?”
“Uhn. Right.”

Aya had her eyes closed.
I took her hand, “I’m hungry.”
“Err, yeah. I will cook something when you like.”
“I want to help you.”
“You?! You only can cook easy things.” She laughed and poked on my nose.
I pouted my cheeks.
Aya smiled.
“Mou ok!” she gave up.
“Aya chan~” I screamed in a very playful and high voice.
“Kyeee~” she shouted back when I hugged her. Ok it was kind of struggling and not hugging.

“So what would you like to cook then?”
“Hmm… maybe…Yakitori?”
“Uhn. Ok.”
It took about 30 minutes.
Yakitori was really easy.

We took our plates to the living room and seated us in front of the little table.

“Ohhhh! Oishii~” We said at the same time and then we laughed.
“Sugoi ne?”
“Yes. We should do that more often right?”
”Of course! You can teach me some things.” I said and fed her with some yakitori. She did the same afterwards.
I smiled and giggled.
“Ah hora…” she then said and stroked with her thumb over my right cheek.
“There was a bit sauce…” she said quietly.

I wanted to kiss her again. Why does she have to be so cute?
Suddenly I felt that my eyes were getting wet.
I must go.

I pretended that my Cell phone was ringing.

“Moshi moshi? Ah Yocchan? Really? Uhn….Ok. ….Bye.”

“Aya chan I have a sudden Hello morning recording…I have to go.”
“Oh. Ok.”
“I will send you an e mail when I’m finished ok?”
A smile appeared on her face.
“Ok. Do that.”
I smiled. I’m so sorry.
I moved my head nearer to hers.
I patted her cheeks.
Thought I would kiss ya huh?” I laughed.
Aya blushed.

I put on my shoes and went out.

Tears were running down my face that I couldn’t hold back anymore.
It was close. I can’t show my feelings to her. I can’t.

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